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Riviera V was inspired by cuisine originating from Cinque Terre, "5 Terraces", on the Italian Riviera and specialty Italian kitchens within New York's 5 boroughs.

We strive to offer a fine range of Italian favorites for discriminating palates. Our choice of quality ingredients, freshly made in-house sauces, and fine craftmanship make our food truly artisan. Our secret is not only in the sauce but also in the dough making process and special cheese varieties that give the “yumm” effect. 

“So what’s the secret?” you ask?

Fresh, whole tomatoes are pulverized and churned with olive oil, herbs, and in-house seasoning, then slowly simmered for hours to get the perfect hint of tangy, sweet, and earthy sauce. 

The perfect ratio of ingredients is mixed every day to create our version of our customers’ preferred traditional crust … somewhere between a thin/brick oven crust, and a typical deep dish. This blend gives each slice enough weight and doughiness to keep from “flopping” and retains that crispy outer shell to balance the cheesy goodness. This is our artisan creation.  

In addition, our delicious salads, very own fresh mozzarella, creamy pasta, and special Italian bowls make you feel your Italian nonna is in the kitchen with you. The rich and complex flavor of herbs and other fresh ingredients offer gourmet delicacy and crafted to deliver exquisite taste. Try us once, and it’s love at first bite!


Buon Appetito! 

Btw: … we CARE. We go the extra mile to be with people and experience the joy in them … whether it is serving the pizza or pasta for the Bravehearts of New York, destitute individuals, or for the ones who are mentally challenged. We believe in care and compassion that makes all the difference in people’s lives. 


Please come visit us and be a part of our story. A portion of every purchase goes towards serving the unprivileged.

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