Community: It's What Drives Us

Community: It’s What Drives Us

What is community? Community is defined as “a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common” To myself and my staff, community is much more than that. A community is where we choose to raise our families, where we choose to work, and where we make our bet on the success of not just ourselves but everyone around us. For thousands of years, humans have lived in and worked in communities. 

We here at Riviera V want to do more than just that. We want to give back to the community here in Queens that gave us a chance. We value philanthropy highly and it is all thanks to your patronage. By letting us bring your family together around the table to enjoy our authentic and delicious food, you allow us to give back to those who are also a part of this community. By giving back, we seek to build up our wonderful community so that we, as well as every family a part of it, can enjoy being here. 

When the COVID-19 pandemic first began, our healthcare system quickly became overloaded. Many worked tirelessly to provide the essential care needed by others.  At Riviera V, we made it a mission to help these courageous, frontline workers out. We donated hundreds of pizzas to thousands of healthcare workers help feed them as the battle against Covid raged on. We genuinely hope to have set the standard in both troubling times and peaceful times so that everyone can find it in themselves to help others in any way they can. It’s this generosity and sense of giving that we hope to inspire in others that will build up our community for generations to come. We want to help, and we hope you do too. As always, we look forward to building something bigger, one bite a time! 

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